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)STERLING SILVER EARRINGS LARGE CLIP- Large round clip earrings, sterling silver, designed marked: J. Hardy, Made in Indonesia, 925. The diameter is1 1/4 inches and weighs 26.8 grams. Large solid earrings,in great condition. $275


VINTAGE STERLING SILVER EARRINGS WITH SOMBRERO AND SANDALS - Here is a whimsical Mexican creation. These are vintage sterling silver screw back earrings in excellent condition. These are marked 925, and signed “Esteban”. These are approximately 1 ¾” x 7/8”. These are well made and of good quality! They have a dangling sombrero hat, with fancy floral design. The front of the hat reads MEXICO and has an eagle. The top of the earrings features a sandal motif. The earrings weight 10.2 grams. $175


13) STERLING SILVER EARRINGS FOR PIERCED EARS - These are large Concho type earrings measuring 1 1/4 by 1 1/2 inches, weighing 10.3 grams - $135


13) LARGE MEXICAN STERLING SILVER EARRINGS VINTAGE- These are large clip earrings made of sterling silver and so marked, from Mexico. Each earring has a diameter of 1 1/3 inches and the pair weigh 23.9 grams. $250



14) VINTAGE MEXICAN STERLING SILVER FISH EARRINGS - The Mexican silversmiths are so good and the themes of what they create so varied. This one is a whimsical pair of fish earrings! They have a lot of movement and are quite attractive on. The fish part of the earring measures 1 1/2 inches; and with the hook, each earring measures 2 1/4 inches long. The back of each fish is marked 925 Mexico. The earrings weigh 11.9 grams. $125






16) MEXICAN 925 SILVER NECKLACE AND BRACELET SIGNED BY BALLESTEROS- This is an elegant sterling necklace and bracelet made by renown Taxco Designer 'Los Ballesteros'! It is Fully Hallmarked.. The necklace 16 1/4 inches; the bracelet measures 7 inches. The widest point of the necklace and bracelet is 1/2 inch. The necklace weighs 48.3 grams; the bracelet weighs 20.6 grams. The design seems to be pre-Columbian, showing 2 figures in front of a table. The set is exquisitely made and is a fine sample of Ballesteros silver workmanship.The necklace and bracelet cost $1,950

20) SIGNED TAXCO STERLING RING - FERN DESIGN - This ring lis signed; it is difficult to decipher but it appears to be Halderman. The marks also indicate Taxco 935, Mexico. The size is 6 1/2 with a bit of give. It weighs 8.3 grams. The details are wonderful and the ring is in excellent condition. $175

20) STERLING SILVER AND TURQUOISE RING - This sterling silver ring is chunky; it has an inner diameter of 17mm, and is size 8. The stone measures 16 by 25mm. It weighs 13.1 grams. $55









17) PARURE - GENUINE IOLITE AND STERLING SILVER - $ 1,250 - Contact us for more information and pictures if you are seriously interested -
18) PARURE - GENUINE PERIDOT AND STERLING SILVER - $1,250 - Contact us for more information and pictures if you are seriously interested -
19) PARURE - GENUINE TOPAZ AND STERLING SILVER - $2,500- Contact us for more information and pictures if you are seriously interested





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