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1) DEMI PARURE MARGOT DE TAXCO STERLING SILVER NECKLACE AND EARRINGS - Margot de Taxco, along with William Spratling, Antonio Pineda, Sigi Pineda, the Castillos, Ledesma, Hector Aguilar, Ana Nunez, Ballesteros, Melecio Rodriguez, and others were known as masters of Taxco Mexico silversmithing. This matching necklace and earrings were made by Margot de Taxco and marked in several places in the pieces. The deco necklaces is stamped "Margot de Taxco 5120" and "Sterling Made in Mexico." One earrings is stamped "De taxco 5120," and the other is stamped "Sterling Made in Mexico." The necklace is 16 1/2 inches" long. The screwback earrings are 1 1/2 inches long. This sterling set weighs 71.6 grams. This is a rare and highly collectible set. $3,950


2) PARURE - STERLING NECKLACE, BRACELET AND EARRINGS FROM ORIGINAL MARGOT DE TAXCO MOLDS- Margot de Taxco, along with William Spratling, Antonio Pineda, Sigi Pineda, the Castillos, Ledesma, Hector Aguilar, Ana Nunez, Ballesteros, Melecio Rodriguez, and others were known as masters of Taxco Mexico silversmithing. This beautiufl sterling silver jewelry set was made from original Margot molds by Melesio Rodriguez Villalba, who worked with Margot Van Voorhies Carr for 24 years, and now at aged 72, still continues to make these beautiful pieces. He was responsible for the execution of many of Margot's designs. His artist's registry number of "MR TR-114" is widely recognized as one that uses Margot's original molds. This set is such a set, which is marked Sterling 925, 5270, MR TR-114.

The necklace measures 17 inch. Is 3/4" wide. The earrings (for pierced ears) measures : 1" inch long. The Bracelet measures 7.5 inch and is 3/4" wide, with a safety chain. This set is very lovely to wear. The silver design is very rich and lavish and it has a Frida Kahlo flair as the earrings are large and hang down noticeably. Pieces like this are great investment since gold and silver prices continue to rise, but at the same time, you are able to wear and enjoy them. The set weighs 123.1 grams. $3,500

3) - 1930S STERLING ONYX SET with carved FACES- Made in Mexico, this sterling silver set includes a bracelet, clip earrings and a big pin. The black stones are carved onyx, done in the Mexican tradition, with carved faces, and ornate silver designs on the setting - this set has a lot of silver and is too heavy for our scale. There is a small ding on the turban of the pin. The pin and earrings are not marked, but the bracelet is marked with maker's marks included, something like E N - the set for $750


5) DECO STERLING SILVER & ABALONE CLAMPER CUFF BRACELET DESIGNED BY ALFREDO VILLASANA. (signed AV, Villasana, Sterling, 925, Hecho en Mexico) Alfredo Villasana was an incredibly artistic silversmith who worked for Spratling and Hector Aguilar, in Taxco, Mexico, and then went out on his own in the 1950s. It is 2 1/4" across and will fit most wrists. The widest length of the bracelet is 5 inches. The beginnings of the Taxco silversmiths began with William Spratling, an American architect, who arrived in Mexico in 1929 and in 1931 set up a silver smithing workshop, Las Delicias, in Taxco, Mexico (pronounced Tasco which sometimes is the spelling used on some of the marked jewelry). From the outset, Spratling employed several Mexican silversmiths who executed his and their own designs, creating wonderful pieces of silver jewelry exhibiting highly creative designs and superb craftsmanship.Alfredo Villasana, Margot de Taxco, Hector Aguilar, De Castillo, Ballesteros, and others were part of the Spratling group in Tasco, Mexico. $499



7) 115 GRAM ANTIQUE STERLING SILVER BRACELET FROM PERU. There is a lot of sterling silver in this heavy bracelet! This vintage piece came from Peru. It consists of five segments measuring 1.25" x 1.75", and are curved on their long axis. The figures, of the primitive style, depict the Spanish Conquest of Peru. In 1533, Francisco Pizarro with a handle of Spanish soldiers on horseback overpowered the Inca leader Atahualpa and ended centuries of Inca domination. The back has light marks and one edge chip as shown in the picture showing the back. Price reflects these. This is a wonderful, and very heavy bracelet with historic significance. It is signed "Industria Peruana Este--ina (?) Peru 925. $450






10) PARURE 1920s MEXICAN "GRAPES" STERLING JEWELRY SET - You don't have to hunt for the pieces, because they are all here! - necklace, bracelet, earrings, and a huge brooch pin. The necklace is not signed but tests on silver content, length approx.16 1/2", center grape 45mm x 48mm. (Genuine antique pieces are often unmarked.) The bracelet is signed "Silver made in Mexico," length 8 1/4". Mexican Silver Grape brooch pin, Mexico, not signed but tests on silver content, length 72mm, width 60mm. Mexican Silver Grape earrings, Mexico, signed "Silver made in Mexico" on each earring, length 23mm, width 25mm. There is a tiny ding on one grape on the earring, and the bracelet is missing one stem (near the clasp). This antique parure is in exceptionally great condition. It is very dramatic on, as the grapes are huge and form a wonderful design around the neck. The entire set weighs 104.6 grams. The dark rich patina of the pieces is wonderful! $2,500

11) RARE 1920s HEAVY STERLING MEXICAN BRACELET -This is a heavy substantial sterling bracelet, beautifully made with the flower design. There are 5 segments and each segment measures 1 1/2 by 1 1/4 inches. The entire bracelet measures 7 1/2 inches long. It weighs 40.5 grams. The design is very 3-dimensional, with 3 layers of this flower design: first the lower base, then the petals, then the center which is like a large bead that juts out. The bracelet is very dramatic and attractive. It is in excellent condition with a nice warm patina indicating its age. The clasp is marked "Silver Mexico," indicating this was made between 1920 and 1945. $499

12) VINTAGE PERUVIAN STERLING SILVER BRACELET TUMI MOTIF - This is a wonderful vintage silver bracelet, marked 900 and weighing 45.4 grams. It has wonderful a design of primitive faces etched into the bracelet segments.This Peruvian piece has the Tumi Motif, a pre-Inca and Inca sacrificial knife characterized by a semi-circular blade. The bracelet is 7 inches long. $399


13) VINTAGE MEXICAN STERLING SILVER CUFF BRACELET - Marked 925, Mexico TJ-65, this sterling cuff bracelet is a beauty! It can be adjusted but inside measurements are 2 1/4 inches by 1 3/4 inches. It has a lovely nielo pattern which is lovelier than the picture shows. It weighs 31.1 grams. SOLD, thank you.
14) VINTAGE MEXICAN STERLING SILVER BRACELET "FLOWER" - Marked 925, Mexico, this sterling silver bracelet has lovely links made up of "flowers." There are 7 links and each link measures approximately 1 by 1 inch. The entire bracelet is 7 1/4 inches long. It weighs 37.6 grams. $275
15) LONG AND HEAVY VINTAGE STERLING SILVER MEXICAN BRACELET - Marked 925 Mexico TC-89, this sterling silver bracelet is long and can accommodate a larger wrist. It is 8 1/3 inches long and weighs a hefty 57.6 grams. It is a nice and substantial with a lovely classic design. $350







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