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1set) VICTORIAN 1800S 18K NECKLACE AND EARRING SET - This is a remarkable antique set of dangling earrings and necklace. The earrings are made of 18K rose gold. The earrings have 16 old mine cut diamonds and 2 full cut diamonds for a total of .45 carat, almost 1/2 carat of genuine old diamonds. The earrings weigh 10. grams. Each earring measures 2 1/2 inches long and 5/8 inch at the widest point.

The necklace is a "marriage" - that is it combines two pieces, a Victorian 1800s 18K bracelet and a 14K vintage necklace. The 18K part looks just like the above earrings. It has 26 old mine cut diamonds and 3 full cut diamonds, for a total of .7 carat. The entire necklace is 18 inches long; it weighs 18.9 grams. While the clasp is marked 14K gold, around 12 grams of this necklace is 18K gold.

The set is $4,950



2set) VICTORIAN 1800S BOHEMIAN GARNET SET OF NECKLACE, EARRINGS, AND BRACELET - This is a fabulous antique garnet set! The bracelet has a diameter of 8 inches, and it also has a safety clasp. The entire set is in exquisite condition. The garnets have a lot of fire and sparkle. The earrings weigh 4.3 grams; the bangle bracelet weighs17.6 grams; the necklace weighs 28.5 grams. Except for the lever backs of the earrings which are marked 14K, the metal of the necklace and bracelet are not marked. They gold wash over base metal in the traditional Bohemian way of making things in the past; or gold-filled.. The earrings have been modernized and have 14K lever back posts. The necklace measures 15 3/4 inches with a safety clasp.

The set for $4,950.



3set) VINTAGE EMERALD, RUBY, SAPPHIRE, AND DIAMOND SET IN 14K GOLD. This is such an extravagant set - the stones are very nice, nicer than our pictures; and the pieces are incredibly well-made, with a lot of heavy gold. The bracelet measures 7 1/4 inches; the ring size is 6 1/2. The bracelet has 8 carats of emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. The ring and earrings have approx. 4 carats of emeralds; 2.25 carats if sapphires; 2.25 carats of rubies. The diamonds are pave and difficult to measure, but we estimate over a carat. The ring weighs 5.5 grams; the earrings weigh 9.1 grams; the bracelet weighs 5.8 grams. There's a lot of gold and top-quality gemstones here. The bracelet alone has been appraised at over three thousand dollars. $3,499


4set) ANTIQUE ROSE CUT DIAMONDS AND TOPAZ RING AND EARRINGS, FROM 1900-1920. This is a gorgeous antique diamond and topaz ring and earring set. The topaz center stones have a very delicate color that is very attractive. The topaz stones are each 7 mm in diameter, with faceted cuts. There are 11 rose cut diamonds around each topaz. The diamonds are old cut and have slightly different shapes and sizes, but are about 8 points each in size, making the total estimated diamond weight of the set 1 carat. The earrings have pierced backs with hinged clip-on safeties. The ring is nicely made. The shank is sturdy, in very good condition. The ring is size 6 1/2. The gold tests at 14K. The yellow gold has a very lovely patina. As with antique pieces that have been handed down from generation to generation, the set has minor problems. The topaz in the ring has a small chip on the side, but it's not overly noticeable. There is a chipped diamond on one of the earrings, again noticeable only if you exam it carefully. Otherwise the set is in wonderful wearable condition; a wonderful memento of your grandmother or great-grandmother's era. The decorated portions of the units re each 13 mm in diameter and the set weighs 9.1 grams. - $2,500



5set) RARE ANTIQUE 22K PHILIPPINE AND MEXICAN GOLD COIN JEWELRY SET (PENDANT, EARRINGS, AND RING) COMPOSED OF: Spanish 22K PESO gold coins from the Philippines, earrings and coin pendant in bezel. The pendant is a large coin is a 4 Peso gold Coin, and its diameter is approx. 20mm. The obverse features Queen Isabella II (b1830-d1904) of Spain. The Spanish legend ISABEL 2 + POR LA G. DE DIOS Y LA CONST (Isabella II By The Grace of God and the Constitution). The date 1868 is below the bust. The reverse has the Spanish royal arms flanked by the denomination 4 P. Above the arms is the Spanish legend REINA DE LAS ESPAÑAS (Queen of the Spains) and below is FILIPINAS (Philippines). The 4 pesos gold coin, without the bezel, weighs 6.77 grams.

The earrings are 1 Peso gold coins, also from the 1800s, although I cannot read the entire date. They are in very nice condition and ready for wearing. These are RARE antique gold coins from Spanish colonial days in the Philippines. Each peso gold coin weighs 1.69 grams, without the bezel.

The ring is is a 22K gold dos y medio Mexican coin, 1945, in very good condition. It is set in 14 K gold setting, and is approx. size 6; it is sizeable. The ring weighs 4.6 grams. One side, as you can see, says, "DOS Y MEDIO PESOS 1945." Although it's hard to read, the other side says, "ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS," and also bears the traditional eagle with a rattlesnake on top of a cactus. Almost dime sized, it's 90% gold, with an actual gold content of 0.0602 ounces.
The earring, pendant and ring all weigh 18.2 grams of 22k gold. The entire set of 22K gold pendant, earrings, and ring is $2,900


6set) DESIGNER JEWELRY - BUTTERSCOTCH AMBER SET IN STERLING SET- I acquired this set of necklace and earrings from Turkey. The set is made of butterscotch amber in sterling silver. It is an original design by Mustafa Essen and it will come with the information regarding this artist whose works are museum pieces. The necklace measures 30 inches all around. It has 15 oval amber beads, with each bead measures 5/8 by 2/3 inch. The color of the amber is magnificent, as shown in the pictures. The silver links are unique and were designed by Esen. Each earring measures 2 1/5 inches long by 1/2 inch. The set weighs 54.4 grams. This is a wonderful set by a master artist. $750


7set) ART DECO 1930s ANTIQUE TORTOISE SHELL (or Faux) NECKLACE, BRACELET AND EARRINGS - This is a lovely parure composed of a necklace, bracelet, and earrings made of tortoise shell. This may be faux tortoise shell as was commonly used during the deco era..The necklace is 18 inches long, composed of 15 graduated square tortoise pieces. The smalles piece measures 2/3 inch square; the largest piece in the middle measures a bit over an inch square. The edges of the pieces are beveled indicating this is a quality necklace.. The bracelet measures 6 1/2 inches long, with 5 large oval pieces of tortoise set in silver tone metal. The metal is not sterling silver. Each tortoise piece in the bracelet measures 1 1/4 inch by 3/4 inch. With the silver tone setting, each bracelet piece measures a bit over 1 inch by 2 inches. The earrings are for pierced ears, set in sterling silver. Each square piece in the earring measures 5/8 inch square, and each earring is 2 12 inches long. This is a rare tortoise shell jewelry set. $499




8set) 1920 ART DECO GENUINE ELEPHANT IVORY OR BONE NECKLACE AND EARRINGS - This is a rare demi-parure composed of a necklace and earrings made of carved and pierced genuine ivory or bone. The earrings are clip and measure approx. 2 inches. The necklace is 28 inches long with an additional 2 inch pendant. This is a lovely deco-era (1920s) set which is hard to find - $699





9set) VINTAGE CLOISONNE NECKLACE AND EARRINGS- This is a vintage set of large cloisonne necklace and earrings. Each bead measures 2/3 by 1 inch with exquisite handpainted floral designs. There are 24 beads. The necklace is 30 inches long. The gold tone clasp is oval with lovely filigree work. The earrings are hook, for pierced ears. $199








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