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1a) ANTIQUE 1800S GOLD AND DIAMOND CRIOLE EARRINGS- This is a rare criole or gypsy style hoop earrings hailing from the 1800s. It is made of low carat gold with genuine old cut diamonds that weigh .83 carat - that's almost one carat of old cut diamonds. The diamonds are very clean and have a lot of sparke. The earrings have been cleaned and plated with higher carat gold. There is excellent filigree work along the sides of the diamonds. This kind of workmanship cannot be found today. The earrings snap in front; there is a little notch that fits into a hole and you have to squeeze the curving post into the hole. Likewise, to remove the earrings, you have to squeeze and pull upward to unhinge the hoop. This is very rare and absolutely beautiful The earrings weigh 5.8 grams. $1,499



1c) OAXACA GOLD FILIGREE EARRINGS LONG BOLD 1800S DANGLING EARRINGS WITH SEED PEARLS AND GOLD- These are huge gold antique earrings made of pure (20K) gold and seed pearls. The earrings have flaws - please look carefully as it is missing some seed pearls and some of the filigree work has been damaged. These happen to old things. The back of one are shepherd hooks. These magnificent earrings have 3 dangling genuine cultured pearls that are around 8 mm each in size. Each earring measures 3 1/4 inches by 1 1/3 at the widest point. The earrings weigh 18.3 grams. $1,499




2) ELEGANT ESTATE DIAMOND 18K EARRINGS- The most graceful hoop/gypsy earrings, with diamonds, in 18K yellow gold. There are 6 diamond stones in each earring, and all together, there are approximate 1.5 carats of white, fiery diamonds. Note the scalloped edge, and the graceful turn of the hoop at the back. The earrings weigh 7.0 grams. Each earring measures approx. 1 inch long. These are beautiful earrings that can dress up any outfit.. $2,250

 3)1800S EARRINGS, 18K, DIAMONDS & PEARLS. This is an elegant pair of antique pearl and diamond long drop earrings. They are oblong pearls that measure about 6mm x 7mm on average. They have nice smooth skins,with lovely luster. Each earring holds 16 diamonds, for a total of 32 in the set. They are each about 1.5 points, for a combined total of .75 carats. The diamonds are set in white gold, and the rest is done in yellow gold. The pierced French backs are in good condition. The earrings are stamped 750, which is the European designation for 18K. The earrings each measure about 1 1/2 inches long and their combined weight is 4.6 grams. $1,250


4) - FABULOUS DIAMOND AND EMERALD GYPSY HOOP EARRINGS: These sophisticated and lovely earrings, in 14K yellow gold, with .71 carat diamonds and 1.03 carats emeralds. The backside of the earrings are in wonderful filigree work. If you love emeralds, you can't pass these up! These weigh 7.4 grams. $1,250

6) EXQUISITE ESTATE DIAMOND AND WHITE GOLD EARRINGS. There are finely made 14K white gold with diamond earrings, in fine condition. There are 21 diamond stones in each earring, for a total weight of approx. 1.3 carats. This would be an early "huggies" style; note the graceful curves of the design and the lovely filigree work on the side. The earrings weigh 9.0 grams. $2,500


7) -These are very attractive and beautiful antique dangling cameo earrings, with 14K gold posts, in fine condition. The mark on the backside is a carving-mark, sign that this is shell, not resin- $450

9) ELEGANT LUSTROUS DANGLING PEARL EARRINGS. From the Orient, these are old but in excellent condition. The pearls are exquisite and could be natural. The larger ones are approx. 7 1/2 mm; and the smaller pearls are 6 mm. The skin and luster of the pearls are very nice. The gold tests at 14K. The screwbacks thread into the posts. These danglers are classic and elegant. $450



10)  CLASSIC SALT PEARL EARRINGS, MIKIMOTO QUALITY - These are pearl stud earrings, in 14K gold and exceptionally nice high luster smooth white pearls approx. 10 mm.  There are 10 diamond stones in each earring, making a total of 20 diamond stones, of approx. .62 carats.  The earrings weigh 6.6 grams.  The backings are wide and sturdy to keep the pearls in place.  The earrings are well-made, with substantial gold setting.  The pearls are much lovelier than the pictures.  They come from The Philippines, where the clean Pacific Ocean offers some of the finest oriental pearls.  These are so classic, you can wear them everyday or for formal occasions. $1,250
This is a pair of lovely antique gold earrings from the late 1800s, in very good condition. Typical of antique jewelry, the setting is 10K yellow gold. The diamonds are old rosecut diamonds that are shaped into a cross. There is very nice filigree work around and on the sides of the earrings. The earrings weigh 3.3 grams. Each earrings measures approx. 10mm x 15 mm. The earrings have a slight curve so they hug the ears nicely. $395
13) SPANISH COLONIAL CRIOLE OR GYPSY HOOP EARRINGS - These wonderful earrings have the most fantastic filigree work running along the sides; please take a look! There are seed pearls; the gold is 10K or more. These are in great condition. The earrings weigh 4.2 grams $599





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