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Brainard, Cecilia Manguerra. GROWING UP FILIPINO: STORIES FOR YOUNG ADULTS. PALH, 2003, First Edition, softcover, 298 p. $21.95 PALH OFFERS 40% TO BOOKSELLERS FOR ORDERS OF 12 COPIES OR MORE.
"Emerging and established award-winning writers are the authors of this fine collection of 29 stories about what it means to be young and Filipino in the
Philippines and in the United States. This impressive array captures the complexities of both the Filipino culture and history and the realities of the lives of young adults no matter what their ethnic affiliations. Each story is assigned to one of five universal themes: family, angst, friendship, love, and home." - by Glenna Sloan, Bookbird Journal Internationl, Children's Literature, IBBY.

Brainard, Cecilia Manguerra. GROWING UP FILIPINO II: MORE STORIES FOR YOUNG ADULTS, PALH 2010 -PALH OFFERS 40% TO BOOKSELLERS FOR ORDERS OF 12 COPIES OR MORE $29.95; softcover $21.95, Growing Up Filipino II: More Stories for Young Adults is the second volume of the Growing Up Filipino series by PALH. From School Library Journal, "Brainard has again selected powerful, evocative stories of family: of promises and disappointment, failure and resentment, tenacious and all-consuming love, anxiety and transcendent hope. There is plenty here to stimulate discussion and encourage an appreciation of Filipino writing and culture. This anthology is a worthy successor to the first volume and has appeal to an audience beyond high school literature courses."

Brainard, Cecilia; & Litton, Edmundo (Editors).  JOURNEY OF 100 YEARS: REFLECTIONS ON THE CENTENNIAL OF PHILIPPINE INDEPENDENCE.  PAWWA/PALH, 1999, softcover, 270 pp.  $9.99
Signed Copies.  This handsome book is an excellent collection of essays by some of the finest Filipino scholars, academics, and writers, reflecting on the centennial of Philippine Independence from Spain.  Contributors are: Valorie Bejarano, Cecilia Brainard, Rosita Galang, Luisa Igloria, Paulino Lim, Jr., Edmundo Litton, Herminia Menez, Susan Montepio, Elizabeth Pastores-Pallfy, E. San Juan, Jr., Felice Sta. Maria, Nadine Sarreal, Santiago Sia, John Silva, Ruel de Vera, and Damon Woods.  "This work offers an important insight into the history of the Philippines and will be a benchmark for future studies," wrote Roger Buckley, Director of Asian American Studies Institute at the University of Connecticut.

Brainard, Cecilia Manguerra. A LA CARTE FOOD & FICTION. Anvil, 2007, First Edition, softcover, $19.95, Currently no stock
This is a wonderful collection of 25 stories, preceded by a Filipino recipe. Isagani Cruz (critic, The Philippine Star) writes:
"Here is a book guaranteed to satisfy even the most discriminating taste, but also to make readers hungry for more stories, characters, insights, and recipes. Fact, fiction, fantasy, and food mix in a feast for the mind, the heart, the palate, and the soul. There are many well-known writers in the anthology, but it is not so much who writes as what is written that makes this book a must-read, just as it is not so much the chef or the cook that makes a recipe to die for, but the dish itself. Enjoy the 25-course banquet."

Brainard, Cuizon, Evangelista, Montes, and Sarreal. ANGELICA'S DAUGHTERS, A DUGTUNGAN NOVEL. Anvil, 2010, First Edition, softcover, newsprint, 200 pp, $18.95
Angelica's Daughters is a collaborative novel by five established Filipina writers, called a "dugtungan." A dugtungan is a genre of Tagalog novel popular early in the 20th century, in which each writer creates a chapter and hands it off to the next, who writes another chapter without direction. The result, in this case, is an ensemble performance that contains something of the exhilaration of theatrical improv. One watches these accomplished authors inventively weave a historical romance, creating gripping heroines and turns of plot, crossing decades and national boundaries, tapping into cultural roots of the Philippines, Spain and America. Reading Angelica's Daughters is a gripping experience.~ Brian Ascalon Roley, Author of American Son (W.W. Norton)

Brainard, Cecilia Manguerra & Orosa Marily YSIP. BEHIND THE WALLS: LIFE OF CONVENT GIRLS. Anvil, 2005, First Edition, softcover, 222pp. $14.99, currently no stock
This collection of (29) essays has long been overdue, and should fit very nicely into that special niche of Filipiniana that uncovers the mystique behind a Filipina. What influence and reach these “colegialas” or “convent-bred” ladies have had, and continue to exercise, on the Philippine societal landscape! Our two lady presidents thus far have been products of that special, privileged education that took place “behind the walls.” And it is likely that the next will also come from an exclusive Catholic girls’ school. Beyond the elitist tradition of education under foreign nuns and their successors is that continuum of poise and grace, good manners and right conduct, knowledge and moral strength that has come to characterize our women of substance. May the tradition live on! by Krip Yuson, writer, columnist

Brainard & Orosa. FINDING GOD: TRUE STORIES OF SPIRITUAL ENCOUNTERS. Anvil, 2009, First Edition, softcover, 159 pp $19.95
This is a collection of 18 personal essays about true spiritual encounters.Contributors are: Mila D. Aguilar, Raquel Villavicencio Balagtas, M.G. Bertulfo, Susan Evangelista, M. Evelina Galang, Evelyn Regner Seno, Tony Robles, Edgar Poma, Aileen Ibardaloza, Paulino Lim, Jr., Brian Ascalon Roley, Marlinda Angbetic Tan, Lisa B. Martinez, Felice Prudente Sta. Maria, C. Sophia Ibardaloza, Reme A. Grefalda. Cecilia Brainard and Marily Orosa also have essays in the book.

Brainard, Cecilia Manguerra. FUNDAMENTALS OF CREATIVE WRITING. Anvil, 2009, First Edition, softcover, newsprint, 98 pp $16.95
This how-to-write book shares what Cecilia Brainard has taught at UCLA Extension's Writing Program for the last 15 years. University of Northern Iowa Professor Vince Gotera says, "Fundamentals of Creative Writing is a marvelous textbook that combines useful technical advice on craft with beautiful practical examples in her own stories. Brainard's treatments of writerly voice and left brain/right brain theory as it connects to writing are among the best available in today's writing textbooks. Her story examples cover a variety of story types, techniques, points of view, and historical as well as contemporary topics and themes. This book will indeed help writing students write strong stories and improve their craft."

Brainard, Cecilia Manguerra. MAGDALENA. Plain View Press, 2002, First Edition, softcover, 164 pp. $15.95
Signed Copies. Midwest Reviews writes: "Expertly written by Cecilia Manguerra Brainard,
Magdalena is set in the chaotic backdrop of twentieth century East Asia. A romantic, powerful tale of three generations of women, written with a close eye on the terrors of war and the Japanese invasion of the Philippines during WWII, Magdalena is an intense, involving, highly recommended saga that documents author Cecilia Manguerra Brainard as a gifted author with a mastery of story telling that will keep the reader's total attention and engagement from first page to last!"

Brainard, Cecilia Manguerra. MAGNIFICAT. Anvil 2012, First Edition, softcover, 168 pp. $17.50
Collected and Edited by Cecilia Manguerra Brainard, this book collects 24 Marian devotees' accounts of their experiences in Marian pilgrim sites. The sites are found in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Eritrea, Ethiopia, France, India, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, the United States, and there are eight Pilgrim sites in the Philippines. The book includes short writeups of other international pilgrim sites and some Catholic Prayers. Archbishop Tagle of Manila has issued an Imprimatur for the book, Magnificat: Mama Mary's Pilgrim Sites.

Brainard, Cecilia Manguerra OUT OF CEBU: Essays and Personal Prose, University of San Carlos Press, 2012, First Edition, hardcover $29.95; softcover $21.95
This is a collection of 28 essays by award-winning writer, Cecilia Manguerra Brainard, about her growing up in Cebu, her family, including her mother's colorful political family, the Cuencos. The book also includes historical essays, travel and food articles. Professor Edmundo Litton says, "These essays celebrate a pride in a heritage. Brainard is clearly proud of her Cebuana heritage
and this pride shows in this magnificent collection of essays."

Brainard, Cecilia Manguerra. VIGAN AND OTHER STORIES, 2011, First Edition, softcover, newsprint, 168 pp, $18.95
Signed Copies. In this,her third collection of short stories, Cecilia Manguerra Brainard shows an uncanny talent for speaking in varied voices that bridge time and space: she is at home in Vigan, the mythical Ubec (Cebu), Sagada, Manila, Cusco, Peru, Calcutta, Chartres, California, bringing each location alive with loving detail.

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