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Best, Jonathan. AMERICAN ERA PHOTOGRAPHS 1900-1930, Bookmark, 1998, new, hardcover with dustjacket, Signed by Author, with numerous period black and white pictures and illustrations. 249 pp.$350

In this book of vintage photographs Best has retrieved a beautiful collection of Philippine images from the dusty albums and old picture postcards sent to America long ago. The pictures are accompanied by numerous quotes taken from Americans living in the Philippines at the time, bringing back an era which was swept away by the Second World War and subsequent modern deelopment. This "album" of timeless images is a visual feast and poignant reminder of much which has been lost but also much which remains of the righ heritage and unique character of the Filipino people. This beautiful books is a must-have for the serious Filipiniana collector. The picture shows a glare that is not actually on the book.


Bersales, Jose Eleazar R., Editor. BALAANONG BAHANDA: SACRED TREASURES OF THE ARCHDIOCESE OF CEBU. The Cathedral Museum of Cebu & USC Press, 2010, hardcover with dust jacket, new, with 296 pages.; there is a slight irregularity of bump in the back of the dust jacket. $250.00

This is a rare coffee table book that showcases the all the churches of Cebu from the earliest missions to contemporary churches, including all of the artistry that they contain: relifs, carved images, canonical books, bronze bells and more. The book was published on the occasion of the diamond jubilee of Cebu as an Archdiocese. A must-have for the Filipiniana collector.



Gerschwiler, Paul. BOLHOON A CULTURAL SKETCH. The Foundry, 2009, coffee table book with dust jacket, new, 172 pages. $100

This rare coffee table book offers an introduction to the southern town of Cebu, Bolhoon, renowed for its cultural and artistic heritage. Rich in detail and illustrations, the book taken an affectionate look at the history of its people, their religious practices, economic life, customs and traditions, and even the state of the town's infrastructure.

Filipinas Publishing Inc, FILIPINOS IN AMERICA: A JOURNEY OF FAITH. Filipinas, 2003, coffee table book with dust jacket, new, 178 page, $29.00

This coffee table book was publsihed in 2003 to commemorate 100 years of Filipino presence in the Archdiocese of San Francisco. The book is a compilation of some of the best articles published in Filipinas Magazine. It tells the stories of our Manongs to our present-day heroes, their struggles and victories.



Jose, Regalado Trota.  IMAGES OF FAITH: RELIGIOUS IVORY CARVINGS OF THE PHILIPPINES.  Pacific Asia Museum, 1990, First Edition,  softcover, 142 pages, $24.95
Published by Pacific Asia Museum

This is a new, softcover catalogue from Pacific Asia Museum prepared for an exhibit of the same name.  The exhibit included religious carving of ivory from the Philippines, which developed from the cultures of Goa, India, China, Spain, Portugal, and Mexico.  Pages 1-54 is a comprehensive essay on ivory and the development and history of religious ivory carving.  The rest of the book is filled with full color and black and white illustrations of religious ivory carvings - the "santos."  This is a coveted book by the serious Filipiniana collector.


Quezon et al, MALACANAN PALACE: THE OFFICIAL ILLUSTRATED HISTORY, Studio 5, 2005, hardbound with dust jacket, measures 9 1/4 by 12 1/4 inches, 330 pages. The writers are: Manuel L. Quezon III, Paulo Alcazaren, Jeremy Barns, and photography by Wig Tysmans. $199
This beautiful coffee table book documents the history of Malacanan Palace from Spanish times to the present. The book includes rare never-before-seen black and white and colored photographs, architectural plans and sketches, and will please both the history and architecture enthusiasts. This rare book is a must-have for the Filipiniana collector.



Edited by Alejandro and Yuson, PASIG RIVER OF LIFE, Unilever, hardcover with dust jacket, measures 12 1/2 by 9 1/2 inches, 2000, 186 pages, $199

This coffee table book is the first ever about the Pasig River. It brings back the glory and grandeur of this legendary waterway. Fully illustrated, with contributions from notable writers and artists, this book serves as a reference tool, reminder of the romance of centuries, and a bridge across the widening distance between the historic past and the future generation.

Montinola, Lourdes R. PINA, Amon Foundation, 1991, hardcover coffee table book with dust jacket, Rare book, very good condition, 232 pages, $175

This is a rare coffee table book that explores the world of pina fabric: it's source and origins, the process of this making, its history as fabric and as craft, its uses, its artistry. The book contains many full color pictures. The book has some minor wrinkling/warping on its cover, and there is one dog-eared page at the bottom. Aside from that this rarebook is in very good condition.

Edited by Ang See, Juan, Go Yu, and Chun, TSINOY: THE STORY OF THE CHINESE IN PHILIPPINE LIFE, published in 2005 by Kaisa Para Sa Kaunlaran Inc., hardbound with dj, book measures 9 1/2 by 12 1/2 inches, 266 pages. $295

This is a large handsome coffee table book filled with full color and black and white period photos of the Chinese in the Philippines. Practically each page has one or more pictures. The book basically traces Philippines history, but from the point of view of the Chinese-Filipino. Some famous Chinese-Filipinos or Tsinoys, include the Philippine national hero Jose Rizal, Benigno and Cory Aquino, Cardinal Sin, and many more, mentioned in this book. This is a comprehensive and fascinating book that traces the history, adventure, trivia and chronicle about how the Chinese of ancient times came to be the Tsinoys (Chinese-Filipinos) of today. Chapters include: Shared Beginnings - Prehistoric and Pre-Hispanic Times; Shared Life-the Spanish Occupation; Shared Destiny - the American Occupation; Shared Misery - the Japanese Occupation; Shared Responsibility - Post-war Economy and Reconstruction; A Pask Lined, A Future Shared.
Here is the beginning of the first chapter, "Centuries before the Europeans stated their search for an alternate route to the Spice Islands or the Moluccas, Chinese merchants already had harmonious trade and tribute relations with theislands at the far end of Southeast Asia...."
The book continues with its historical background of the beginning of Chinese contact with the Philippines, showing ancient maps, artifats, and wonderful pictures. The subsequent chapters are just as detailed, comprehensive and fascinating. This book is a must-have for the Filipininiana collector.