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Welcome to the website of PALH, also known as Philippine American Literary House.  PALH is a publisher and distributor of Filipino books for the American market.

Our recent titles include:

Brainard, Cecilia Manguerra OUT OF CEBU: Essays and Personal Prose, (Univ. of San Carlos Press) 2012, First Edition, hardcover $29.95; softcover $18.95
This is a collection of 28 essays by award-winning writer, Cecilia Manguerra Brainard, about her growing up in Cebu, her family, including her mother's colorful political family, the Cuencos. The book also includes historical essays, travel and food articles. Professor Edmundo Litton says, "These essays celebrate a pride in a heritage. Brainard is clearly proud of her Cebuana heritage
and this pride shows in this magnificent collection of essays."

PALH also sell rosaries, religious vestments, and collectibles to support its literary efforts.

PALH-ezine showcases published Filipino (and Filipino American) writers and their writings and in so doing hopes to serve as an important resource to students, librarians, educators, and researchers looking for online material on Philippine literature and Filipino writers (including Philippine American literature and writers). In addition, PALH-ezine publishes book reviews of Philippine, Philippine American, and Asian American book






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